Congrats to Dr. R. Scott Clark!

I want to say congratulations to my former professor and associate pastor Dr. R. Scott Clark.  Today he was formally installed as full “Professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California.”  I greatly benefited from his teaching while I was a student at WSC and now that I am a Reformed pastor I greatly rely on what I learned in his classes and from his books.  His inaugural address is entitled, “That we should retain the distinction between Law and Gospel: Hermeneutical Conservatism in Early Reformed Orthodoxy.”  I am looking forward to reading and/or listening to it when it is posted on the WSC web-site.  May God richly bless Dr. Clark and bring glory to His name as future men are trained for the ministry through faithful servants like Dr. Clark.  For Christ, His Gospel, and His Church!

Here are some free on-line resources from Dr. Clark that have benefited me and I am sure will benefit you:

The Heidelblog (Dr. Clark’s blog)

Dr. Clark’s WSC Web-site (tons of free resources on Reformed theology and confessions)

Office Hours (a podcast where Dr. Clark interviews WSC professors, students and friends of the seminary)

The Heidelcast (a podcast to supplement your Heidelblog reading)


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