“When Pastor’s Kid’s Go Bad”

This post really hit home with me as a new pastor and a new father.  It’ll probably be worth reading and re-reading over the years.  I especially encourage my friends who are pastors to read it.  May God spare our pastors and their families from the turmoil of losing their own children due to the pressures of being a pastor’s kid.  May pastors remember to be Father’s to their children and may the church of God be a strong refuge of love and forgiveness for all PK’s.  (HT: Danny Hyde)


One thought on ““When Pastor’s Kid’s Go Bad”

  1. I would say protect your kid and when your kid is old enough or a teenager, if he or she was having a tough time, let me go to a church where he or she would be comfortable. Don’t tell your kid about the negative things about people at church, give them a neutral view as much as possible. Stand up for them when they are defenseless and young. Encourage others to treat them like any other kids.


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