The Spirituality of Emerging Adults

This White Horse Inn episode describes my generation to a tee.  We are a generation that takes a lot longer to grow up compared to our parents and grandparents in their days of entering adulthood.  I just turned thirty and I still have friends that aren’t quite settled as adults.  It used to be the case that people would become adults in their early twenties.  They would begin to settle down with a spouse, children, a house and a career.  But for the past two or three generations things have shifted in the culture.  Now cultural factors work against this and most people become adults in their early thirties, leaving a gap roughly between ages 18-29 where youth are emerging slowly into adulthood.  During this 10 year gap people aren’t really sure who they are.  They will switch majors several times, try various jobs, move to different places, date several people, and overall it will be a period characterized by much change as they seek to discover who they are and who they will be as adults once they reach their thirties.  How then does this cultural environment affect their spirituality and view of religion?  This is the question being answered in this edition of the White Horse Inn featuring special guest Dr. Christian Smith.  Dr. Christian Smith is a professor at the University of Notre Dame and author of the book Souls in Transition: The Spirituality of Emerging Adults.  This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants to better understand and engage people in their twenties with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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