A Unique Way to Help Support Missions

The Oceanside United Reformed Church has provided a great opportunity to support the Kauai Reformation Church plant. I love this church. I had the privilege and joy of meeting them all and filling the pulpit while I was in seminary. I’d love to see the work continue and for the Gospel to be proclaimed on “The Garden Island” of Hawaii. For more details on how to support this work, see the e-mail below from Pastor Danny Hyde:

Hello friends, colleagues, and everyone else in between!
I am sending this note to almost everyone in my contact list in order to spread an opportunity as far and wide as possible for the sake of Christian missions.
As a means of providing some residual support for our mission work, the Kauai Reformation Church (http://www.kauaireformation.com), and our church planter there, Rev. Derrick Vander Meulen, the consistory (pastors & elders) of the Oceanside United Reformed Church and a gifted member of our congregation have produced an attractive book containing the ancient Christian creeds and Reformed confessions, entitled, Our Faith. Again, all revenue goes directly to support the work of missions on the island of Kauai.
Many of you already have these documents readily available. If you do not, or if you would like to add this edition to your collection, all for the support of missions, follow the links below.
For $4.99 this paperback can be purchased: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/our-faith/14850604
For $3.99 this downloadable .pdf for your e-reader can be purchased: http://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/our-faith/14850605
Blessings and please forgive the intrusion into your inboxes.

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