“The Freudom of the Christian”

I’m enjoying reading Dr. Carl Trueman’s latest book Fool’s Rush In Where Monkey’s Fear to Tread: Taking Aim at Everyone. It’s really just a “pithy collection of the best of Carl Trueman’s articles on culture and the church” taken from previous blog posts at Reformation 21. So far each chapter/article has been very insightful, entertaining, and humorous. The two chapters I just read were really supberb. Here are links and samples to each:

Pro-Choice not Pro-Options

“In short, it should be a matter of concern that we live in a world where the very values which seem increasingly to dominate our society – extended adolescence and the love of choice combined with the dislike of the responsibility of actually making choices – are those which will erode the very qualities that make good leaders: maturity and a willingness to make the hard decisions.”

The Freudom of the Christian

His conclusion: “This is where real Christian freedom lies: in the realization that we can do nothing to effect our own salvation; that Christ has done it all for us; and that we are therefore able to give ourselves freely and unconditionally in sacrificial service of others. The same thing, the life, death and resurrection of Christ, is what makes it possible for me to drink beer and without endangering my soul; but that is a collateral bonus of spiritual freedom and not a significant function of my spiritual maturity. It is also the same thing which motivates me not to make Christianity a laughing stock and an embarrassment through the use of foul language. Real Christian freedom is rather more to do with service of others than self-indulgence in any area of my life. The church needs more Christian freedom and much, much less Christian Freudom.”

I highly recommend this book and/or reading Carl Trueman’s blog (just look for the posts by him). I’ll try to post more links and summaries in the future.


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