Let Goats Entertain Goats, and Let Pastors Feed the Sheep!

I just started reading the book, The Work of the Pastor, by William Still. Here is a great quote:

“If you think that you are called to keep a largely worldly organisation, miscalled a church, going, with infinitesimal doses of innocuous sub-Christian drugs or stimulants, then the only help I can give you is to advise you to give up the hope of the ministry and go and be a street scavenger; a far healthier and more godly job, keeping the streets tidy, than cluttering the church with a lot of worldly claptrap in the delusion that you are doing a job for God. The pastor is called to feed the sheep, even if the sheep do not want to be fed. He is certainly not to become an entertainer of goats. Let goats entertain goats, and let them do it out in goatland. You will certainly not turn goats into sheep by pandering to their goatishness. Do we really believe that the Word of God, by His Spirit, changes, as well as maddens men? If we do, to be evangelists and pastors, feeders of sheep, we must be men of the Word of God” (p. 23).

5 thoughts on “Let Goats Entertain Goats, and Let Pastors Feed the Sheep!

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  2. It was a good book! The late William Still was the pastor of Sinclair Ferguson (http://www.firstprescolumbia.org/590684), whose preaching and writing I have come to really appreciate. So, being a young pastor myself, I thought I would see what his former pastor had to say in this book. I had heard nothing but good things about it and I really enjoyed reading it. It isn’t a precise theological work but rather reads more like a sermon from one pastor to another.

  3. I wish that more ministers would take this advise and run with it. And having come out of broad evangelicalism myself it is disheartening to be aware of how accurate that diagnosis of the “modern” or “relevant” minister and church is and the fact that I still no many people who truly desire to serve the Lord who are fill with this sort of “claptrap” as useful or even fundamental to ministry.

  4. @ Adam. . .thanks for commenting. . .and yes, it’s truly sad. . .I come out of this background myself and find it disheartening that so many are caught up in an entertainment driven church rather than a means of grace, gospel driven, Christ-centered church where the Word of God is faithfully preached and God is worshipped with a biblical balance of reverence and awe for God’s holiness and with confidence, joy and thanksgiving for what Christ has done for us (Heb. 10:19-25; 12:28-29).

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