“What does it look like to celebrate grace?”

In the words of Paul Tripp:‎

“Pastor, it’s like us waking up in the morning and saying, “I’m redeemed. I’m redeemed. I’m redeemed. I can’t believe that I am one of God’s children! I can’t believe that God has placed his love on me. I can’t belive he has called me to his work! No, my life and ministry isn’t always easy, but I’m redeemed. No, the relationships with people around me don’t always work the way they should, but I’m redeemed. Yes, I live in a world that is broken and does not operate as intended, but I’m redeemed. Yes, I face personal and ministry disappointment, but I’m redeemed. I can’t believe it, I am one of God’s children and one his spokesmen!. . .So, pastor, are you a celebrant? Has your life taken on a joy and focus that would not be possible any other way? Or in the course of your ministry, has the truly awesome become merely commonplace? Has the search for ministry comfort and satisfaction consumed you more than the celebration of the spiritual realities that should now define you and your work? Has remembrance decayed into forgetfulness? Have you lost your first love? If so, confess your forgetfulness. Seek God’s help for your distraction. Commit yourself to a life and ministry of celebration, knowing that this includes being a soldier in the ongoing war for your own heart. And remember that you are not alone; there is daily grace for every one of those battles. Now, isn’t that worth celebrating?”

Read the whole thing here.

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